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Reinforcing Mistruths

The Big Lie that ex-President Trump perpetuated that the election was illegitimate  fueled the events of Jan. 6, and it is continuing. 85% of Republicans in Congress still refuse to acknowledge President Biden as the legitimate winner of the 2020 election.

Trump continues to appear on Fox News and even more fringe right-wing television outlets like Newsmax and One America News Network, where he espouses his baseless and dangerous assertion that he won the election.

Therefore, we must pursue all criminal, civil and regulatory options available to permanently end this anti-democratic authoritarian movement.


Spreading Lies

Without the conservative news media enabling Trump by spreading his constant lies throughout the living rooms of Americans, he could never have achieved his disastrous impact on American politics.

The coordinated weaponizing of disinformation between the White House and right-wing media like Fox News, NewsMax and OAN, has created what Kellyanne Conway famously referred to as “alternative facts.”¬† This intentional attempt to indoctrinate the American public with lies intended to facilitate the success of the far-right elements of the Republican Party is driven by greed and profit. It has led to a fundamental errosion of an understanding of the truth so critical to the preservation of democracy and must be stopped.